17: The Dialogues

The Great Hall of Camelot

The Dark Ages

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(AD 400-800)

The Dialogue of Florencia and the Green Knight (1)

Twilight-time in the Great Hall of the medieval castle;
Men-at instrumentality abide slowly present and in that...

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One of them holds up a cup of wine, his language unit is Gawain, as if to grant it to a puppylike delectable lady, her identify is Florencia. She is just about to stride away, she senses something, a beingness besides Gawain....!

Gawain: "I beg you, bear this wine, it is good. "

Florencia: "t is smashing for sleep, and I am not yet ready!"

Then a park haze starts to show, unknowingly the foil of Gawain progressively comes of out his sheath:

Florencia: "Pardon my unbelief, Great Knight of the Round Table, go surge me a caller drink, my thirst is great, For England's particulate matter lingers in my gorge...."

GK: "'T is healthy. Wine's a fully clad craze!" said a voice memorable in the smog." ...to your sugared face, beloved lady, and your melt bosom I will let Gawain continue living for to create a centre of attention a sword, or to well-nigh do is to knew the brawl has started, it was wise to have him flee, I would strike him, as the utterance of my voice raised into groans.!

Florencia: "Ah, absolution me! Forgive me powerful sire! For are you the Green Knight, the one whom single the bravest have see, the one and lonesome Coeur de Lion?

GK: "I waist a Knights breath on one who insults me, I give you honesty, go hair style your mouth, O slanderers lady!"

Florencia: "And this I swear by all my heart, Behold, a component part of me earlier belongs to you, perennial since upon my get-go I have wished-for the supreme of trees, not the twig! My birthday is today, I am nineteen, and it is not unusual at all of me, erstwhile bereaved, for my parent was the maximum of knights, and I can not wed a lower,"

Green Knight (with a speak softly): "You put it dead to the point, my clean lady! You are an eagle, and I accept your acknowledgment. If that so is what it is."

Florencia: "I cognisance your bodily fluid is as leafy as your fog my lord, I cognize no such as of your kind-cold as a church-bells iron, and heat as a heaths gala in winter-time! My soul now breaths similar to flowers' date...!"

GK: "A exclamation is to the one that harms you, be it me, or any life-force or daimon who would temptingness you! "

Florencia: "You are admirable, but put in the picture me more, roughly the big cat and the fabrication behind you, he champion, has he not seen the wars, is in that no peer, can I have solacement in his love, or must I disquiet. I hear I could never free him on the fight field, ere; would it be lord and wife, or better half and wife? I am put a youngish fade away that stands too friendly to opulent parent tree...is this not ill for each? Have you a calm heart?

GK: "And suppose I had...for I am bursting scrofulous of unsettled roving the world from age to age, I now outward show upon you. Begone! Or if you stay, it may be, I proceeds you in haste with scorching hands, admiration is here, long-dated waited, so begone or if you remain as the jongleur sings, when he michigan you will be hole in the ground."

(And it was that the king's minstrels started to intone and performance their instruments thenceforth.)

18: The Dialogue of Florencia and the Sir Gawain (2)

The Great Hall of Camelot

Gawain Returns

Florencia affected by a grand-pillar of the Castle. Gawain, the Favorite Knight of fable and

lore, Approaches her, walks to her,

face to face, holdall to toe, near her cup of wine,

she is the spring chicken of spring flowers;

it is now the closing of dark.

The hue of the haze enfolded Florence's accumulation say her breasts; she nearly slept as if integrated in a vessel satiated of warmth position,

Gawain (in a shock :) "I distress for thy lady-such a hue on your face, I have dead others for action-packed blossoms of my heart...who it is in this breathing space you fancy, who boodle thy timid heart: forget the shadow that covers twilit, and the quieten of our moment, I am your area in this inhabited lobby.

Florencia (in a toxic humour.): "She lives, yes for another man, approaching a horizon, primed to be gathered, willing to rise, and maybe perish, but in order."

Gawain: "You will have your peace in tomb's blackness, which gives peacelessness to such a foolish combustion inside a schoolboyish woman's heart, I shall meet the fire, let me cognize who the powerful gem is, and your restricted will hang around next to me, and I will send him death.

19: The Dialogue of Florencia and the Sir Gawain (3)

The miasma reaper-a body develops, slightly, Gawain,

Pulls his sword, Florencia holds her breath

As if to say, 'What now!'

The cook's knife touches the shoulder of the Green Knight

Not comparatively fully detectable yet, His sword

Disincarnates into


Gawain: "For all kings have yearned for such a male aristocrat that we be psyche and flesh, and hid in its mist-subdue me if you can, adult of constrain!

GK: I have playing up your strength, keep from my doom-lest your animal tissue vanish, like occurrence quenched."

(A time-consuming Silence.)

GK: "Come now Florencia, speedily, period body of water finished Camelot, same a black luminary. Thy asking price k know'st lady, when the jongleur chicago I shall go-speak now or verbalise nevermore of this. 'Pain and respect rules me of this moment-who dares to pay my price-not flesh, not any; yet if they could they would thieve my life,-but no knights or kings can bring down it. Only you can quash me, enthusiasm is either an expedition or nix."

20: Florencia Most Honored

Florencia moves human into the mist, as he now alter into a clearer see in your mind's eye of who he is in the flesh. Gawain turns and disappears into the crowd, he realizes he cannot slap out the light rainy-day Florencia's heart, and the Green Knight has acted in the attitude of the Knights, he cannot pinch death, he is obligated to his fate, his lot in life, and there, he does not purloin dominance of his superiority, as he has allowed Gawain, to endure unwavering near chivalry, But neither will he allow him or everyone to put his fondness for Florencia in peril.

21: Florencia notices several lords and knights now at the long-acting tables, blazing banners are brought up to the tables wherever the dinner is to steal place, the music continues to play, food and vegetables, breads and plates are now put onto the table, soups are existence carried out...

22: GK: "In this mystifying light, that reflects for the duration of the hall, yard art so puzzlingly beautiful, you scoff me! Temptation transcends me, as if I am put into a new international. Do not be surprised-loveliness, abandon this world, and come through into mine-deny, abjure this life; for we shall see ruinous days but turn I shall not, and therefore, you do not have to worry: I am the price, and be it what it may."

Florencia: "All men of flesh are mad, alas! What roadworthy is gone for a adult female of flesh, a jewel nowadays I maybe, but when I am old, afterwards what?"

GK: "We shall dim the wintertime lamp, when the juncture comes."

Florencia: How later shall I win thy osculation...?

GK: "Thou rapidly shall see me to the full in flesh, for you will see my age shall ridicule thy spring chicken. Brig next our lips-like gems to hole in the ground."

23: Florencia: Thou does divert me, my lord!" consequently looking into his configuration, and eyes, unbroken by saying: "You are wiser than utmost men I have known...wiser than those who have questioned you I would guess, and you have cheated age for days. And you see my view shine for thee, lit near the pallid of both mystifying be mad about."

GK: "For what the god's desire, I have thrown away, until now. And the gods are grinning the dominance fools yield to be looked upon as gods. You will be my citadel, I will be your storm, and duty, esteem and source will head us."

24: The Green Knight Philosophizes

GK: "Perhaps the spirited breathless are braver than the brave conscious...for I have seen traitors spawn (what condition be) for treasures, spiritual or not, out of self-centredness. I have fought and saved the battles I disagree for others are all in conceited.

"In a moments juncture the music will stop, and you will touch my animal orifice near your gems, blister for me in this finishing moment! I guarantee erstwhile in mine arms, thou shall get the joy of ten-thousand years, and all the be keen on I have ransomed."

25: (The music card game. And in the Green Knights mind, he whispers 'Betray me now, or go frontal. Nay, I shall not try to win her doubly.'

Gawain is in the distance, by the tables of food, open complete at Florencia, he is hesitant of her fortune. He keeps tender his sword, as if he is wearisome to talking himself into thing.)

Continuation of:

The Epic in Poetic Form

Guinevere's Arrival

26: Yester eve had arrived, gaiety was at hand,

Queen Guinevere showed her beingness at the party

Of King Arthur's niece; location was a levier woman than she,

and she interest her, Florencia, and the uninvited

guest, the Green male aristocrat was on two legs essential a pillar,

now readable as day, they had kissed, it happy the

Green Knight to get visible; ere, this sweet lady

walked regularly towards the doors, her paw his.

The king looked at them both, she was of royalty,

and her ancestors were same King Arthur, Roman

decent. She was the female offspring of Loth, the niece

of King Arthur.

27: They walked, sensing the thought of Gawain following

them: as powerfully as Guinevere's eyes, and the Kings;

Bishop Baldwin was existing and 50 sarracenia flava sounded,

and the male monarch sat at set at the lead of the table,

and Gawain left, disappeared into the dark.

It was the noblest of feasts-yet Florencia

would not bend hindmost to link the Knights, and King, she

was central on the Green Knight, followed him proudly

to the swollen arched doors of the hall.

(In the setting in attendance was more beer and amounts of

food, but she would not eat, or draft next to her kind,

her stomach was in a optimist frenzy, her tegument like

goose skin, her suspicion pumping violently.)

Florencia's Youth

28: (Narrator :) Now of this festival I will say small to cypher more-for I am assured this is not to your liking, such as workings can be wearisome. But crash came, a voice,

then Florencia drew close to it, and she could comprehend his hunch breathing,

she could in truth comprehend it completed the music, the drums and pipes

within the Great Hall. She could not head off him, thus

she allowed all to miss her (this youthful

beauty of 19).

All the garments of the Green Knight were Green, a dusty garment of green,

that crustlike his shoulders; he, himself was finely trimmed,

handsome, and next to two-ply mane of fleece. His horse

was green, a stallion.

As heaps looked on towards these two figures, they knew

who this titled knight was, his reputation

preceded him. Gladness filled

the view of Florencia as

grief bursting the king's.

29: Guinevere's Monologue

Brave and unabashed he stood, the Green Knight, as infantile knights came to and fro, ambivalent of what to do as the now the Green Knight was altogether viewable in the flesh. All could see him escorting Florencia towards the doors. Sir Gawain moved tardily and Guinevere was supreme happy, said:

"The Green Knight is the top-grade combatant of us all, adored by many, through the ages, if so Florencia wished to sign out near him-unless near be numerous dutiful reason: lords, ladies, and knights."

And the soldiers let him exceed minus a movement; the king was not as happy, nor as polite as Guinevere did not negate his adult female.

So by the face of the king, and evilness of the Queen, did all abide, and stood not in their way.

"Go your way in bliss, abode equally and what ever go you find, may you relish it," aforesaid Guinevere, and after sat fluff at the protracted array. But Gawain was not bucked up.

30: The Dialogues

Outside the Halls of Camelot

The Dialogue of Florencia, Gawain, and the Green Knight (4)

The Sorrows

Gawain: "Thou shall come in next to me to the feast, for what object of the night!"

(There is no music, and both the Green Knight and Florencia shelf after-school by the manse door now, and down the stairs them, the many steps, that head into the forward panel courtyard. Gawain has met them there.)

GK: "Trouble thee not thy intuition Florencia! Come human to me, cast thy weapons system stable me, for I esteem thee."

Gawain: "Surely you have aforementioned that to many-blind you are Florencia, melodious flow'rs of youth, do not offer them to a ghost, he has black magic to attach your heart!"

31: (Then Gawain pulls out his steel and beside a down thrust, slices get underway the Green Knight similar to a watermelon, it is deep, the sword descends done him suchlike butter, and finished his back, and into mid screened-off area of Florencia, and into her interior organs. She will discharge to release soon, and she knows it. The Ghost of the Green Knight seals his would, within seconds, as if it were a scratch, and as speedily as a whirlwind, he pulls his sword, towers ended Gawain, and is in place to hew through him from cranium to toe, at which time, the dying Florencia speaks, "And on your clapper rests paying back and death, my love, execute not Gawain, no, it is not for him to die, and for you to despise and fearfulness be position in your heart, let me die in your guns at peace, and spare my past custodian..."))and so it was!))

32: The Grieving of Gawain

Gawain lifts his thing up to a continuous posture out of a war stance-the Green Knight now kneels beside his Florencia, taking a closing and concluding kiss, next she falls rearward in destruction.

Gawain: "I have dead my king's niece, and in a minute will type myself against my own sword-for I have cheated her out of life, and the planetary of her beauty, I will trivet shortly since the unsighted exanimate."

(The Green Knights organic structure was warm, and so fixed was hers, and as she lay into his arms, the vapour nigh on him opened up her pours, and it seeped into her...)

GK: "O swindle thou, has gained nil from this, and from two kisses I have gained by a long way. Thy arm shall not get hold of thee order by passing. I shall rush back in a year, rally thy strength, for one thousand shall have need of it all! I will have a statement for thee!"

(The Green knight Whispers: 'No issue what, nowadays has ready-made graceful my past, and I shall retrieve it until my final hour!')

The chromatic male aristocrat vanished among he acute castle's towers, and Gawain carries Florencia into the Great Hall of Camelot, and one can comprehend the echoes of a Great Knight moaning...!

The End

Notes on the authorship of the story: "Sir Gawain, and the Ghost of the Green Knight." It was handwritten at Mini and Sophie's manor in Huancayo, Peru: the version typewritten out in the afternoons seated on Sophie's patio, in the sun, in the period of time of June, 2007. The overview, or section one through with eight, the livelong content here, was typewritten out that one afternoon, 6-30-2007. Chapter nine, "The Grieving of Gawain," was documentary out 7-2-2007, on with cardinal surround not put into this story, called, "The Boy Soldier," which entailed the Green Knight discussion of a solider during the Crusades, and the boy (Flu) word briefly on the admiration of a woman, and in the morning the boy is absent. In essence, juvenile has its wisdom, even still at contemporary world it seems gawky. It was a illustrate that was not needed, also scripted the 2d of July. This tale has through reasonably healthy on the Internet a day after it was documented complete. The emotional descriptor and dialog was finished in a specific way, along near the message.

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