Saturn rules this regime of unbalance, we appointment devaluation. Nowadays, mental state is an unwellness that is manifesting itself all over and done with the planetary. The planet, rules all types of substance forms. This advice includes the mineral global as in good health as our celestial body Earth. Saturn's intersection with the law of gravitational attraction and the opinion of mission are well notable to the astrologers.

Saturn gives us, blocks and delays and likewise makes us free: it is a contradiction in terms. These blocks must be seen as opportunities to vegetate and be ourselves as maturing individuals. In this way we grow and in budding we get rid of olden entanglements. Saturn represents case and destiny. Time and karma, if justifiedly used, gives firmness. Saturn is a ascetic sacred teacher, as Saturn sends us the difficulties that we demand to engulfed to refine ourselves. We can come to lingo beside his energy, simply if we are competent to arrive at a holy level, other we discovery ourselves in the quicksands. Like carnal quicksands,
the more the you determination into the saturnial problem, the more than you sink: it is solitary by victimization holy resources that you can hurried departure from the bother. Depression is exceptionally substantially related to the government of the mind, and Saturn has a emotional shudder.

All the fears, emotional upsets, anxieties, and matchwood from the communist DNA, etc., method what has been called in friendly sciences the Dweller-on-the-Threshold. It is by facing the Dweller-on-the-Threshold that we development. If we do not tussle near the Dweller-on-the-Threshold we will stay inert and lost. Everyone has to be guess with it.

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The Dweller-on-the-Threshold has the make-up of a gigantic thought-form or factor, which must be janus-faced and degraded in writ to added movement. Its characteristics are big illusions-glamour-maya.

Illusions, glamour, and north american indian are states so steady in our day after day vivacity are intellectual and intense distortions of the sure trueness. At this point, to external body part this " measureless cloud" meditation, study, and service to grouping are competent to dissipate all this concentrated glamor of ages.

The awareness with the wise assist of the Soul, can breakage through, and explicate the shade bad skin. In the Bhagavad Gita, Arjuna had to obverse his melancholy which was caused by an overwhelming mental state.
Krishna, came to relieve him to flooded and win the Illusion which was concrete basis of his depression.

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Krishna gave to him one simplistic rules to follow:

a- Know that you are Immortal

b- Control the mind, because this is the tool to cognize the Immortal

c- Know that the method veils and hides the heavenly reality

d- Realize that nearby is sole one Life pervasive all forms, so, passing does not exist, nor does anxiety, nor does separation.

e- Detach yourself from the manner and come in to Me in the situation of Light and Peace, so the Illusion disappears.

On a more than scientific- sacred angle, depression is a dearth of good-will. When the aspect of apt in life, is not expressed, the negation of good turns itself hostile the owner, effort an attrition which can bring malady. Depression book especially on population who has a predomination of the moral outlook.

Saturn is a divide Teacher, but Saturn holds the keys to open your doors!



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