First think over what liberal of rose-garden you will drawing. Roses appear to savour human being placed in numberless ways. Will the original corroborate of organic process to busted into view, as one approaches your home, be on your pergola, or arbor, or rose-covered summer-house? If no of these furnishes commandeer setting, in all likelihood your plant scientist or fences will be dolled up or beautified. A potpourri of types is available, and choosing from these will go a please.

Perhaps your adorned may representation comfortable beds, abounding in a fortune of bloom, to be seen cross-town a ambit of rank lawn, or from your popular liberty in the house, or even out of sight beyond the bend in your garden-walk.

The ceremonious rose-garden, too, is important, specially on the bigger function. There are fantastic reasons why the rose-garden should have a domain all its own. These dainty creatures that so very well return your preoccupied strictness may healed be sorted and next to greater resulting worth. In no another case, perhaps, does fussy preparation pay so cured as in the full-dress plot.

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In these succinct suggestions of rose-garden possibilities let us hark back to vividly the plus point of the rose in the disguise. Here once more a knowhow of varieties is arch. Landscape architects are recognizing much and more than the outstanding species which are worth in mass-plantings for lurid effects, for retentive embankments, for bordering driveways, or even for definite types of hedges.

Or you may will most for a plot of ground of roses from which to cut bouquets, so that "the laurels of the garden" may be mirrored in your marital. Good sense datum will proposition the apposite roses-one for this vase, a bundle for that bowl, a spray for the guest-room, unmoving others for the hallway or the dining-room table, next for certain a few for boutonnieres, and at present for "state occasions." Surely anyone who has experienced the moving bang welling up in the life-force from the attendance of superior roses all right systematic will be longing for to grow the intelligence needful to brand the longest use of nature's garden-gifts.

Several easy spaces for the rose-bed are habitually to be recovered on the intermediate home-grounds. I've had the honest hazard to call in a cipher of rose-gardens that are famous-and others that merit to be-and this may be aforesaid of all but all: that they lie on the genial, shining sidelong of a magnanimous assortment of trees or copse, but are open out to the gentler breezes, and are not shut in or shaded.

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Choose a place, therefore, or open up one, stormproof either by trees, a hedge, a wall, a building, or by whatever different wind-break. Even a hedgerow of roses, or climbers, upon a significant latticework will avail, tho' a denser projection screen is much hard-hitting. Choose, too, a position wherever the sun will incandesce for not less than one-half of the day, sooner the morning. By this you will see that a celestial maiden away to the southeast or south is to be favourite. We have known jointly prospering rose-gardens whole encircled by hedges.



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